Subscribe to Yandex.Plus

Yandex.Plus is a bundle subscription to Yandex services.

Plus subscribers get 10% off all “Comfort” rides in Astana, “Comfort” and “Business” rides in Almaty, as well as bonuses from other services.

The discount works in Kazakhstan when requesting a ride in the iOS or Android app. It doesn't apply to corporate rides.

Setting up your account

First make sure your number is linked to your Yandex account:

  1. Go to the account management page in Yandex.Passport. Check which phone numbers are linked in the Email and phone numbers section.
  2. The default number should be the one you use for Yandex Go. If it isn't, add your number and set it as the default.

Then restart the app. If you're not using the latest Yandex Go version for iOS or Android, update it.

How to subscribe

Learn how to subscribe or unsubscribe in Yandex.Plus Help.

If you have subscription but didn't receive a ride discount,

  1. make sure your phone number in the app is the same as the default number in your Yandex account. If it isn't, add the number from your Yandex Go account and make it the default.
  2. Update Yandex Go for iOS or Android.